It’s no secret that slot machines are rigged to win more often than not. In reality, there are things you can do to increase your chances of winning! This little advice will help you get the freest time and money out of every game. They’re all free ways to double your chances of cashing in on a prize at situs slot deposit pulsa. Check it out below:

  • Pick slot machines with the highest payout:

This may seem obvious, but it’s quite easy to overlook.  If you’re planning on playing for a decent amount of time, find a machine that will give you the most bang for your buck. You may have to sit through an hour or two before hitting a good jackpot. The best machines are those that pay out most often. You won’t have to put in more than 20 minutes of play to win a decent jackpot, but you can always check two or three machines beforehand. Try different slot machines and find the ones that often pay out. 

  • Don’t play for more than 3 hours straight:

If you put in a little bit of time before hitting your first big jackpot, don’t be afraid to do it right.  You never know what the next machine might be; a machine with higher paying symbols will have the potential to pay out more than one with lower paying symbols. The same logic goes for playtime. If you spend an hour in front of a slot machine, try to find one with the highest paying symbols, which pays out most often. 

  • Skip machines that have only one payout:

If you’re planning on playing three hours at a time, don’t waste your time on machines with only one payout. These machines make it easy to get lucky, but you won’t make much money. Instead, choose machines with the highest paying symbols and the best returns. These machines may take a little longer to hit jackpots, but you’ll make more money in less time!

  • Take advantage of the free credits:

If you have enough time to spend at a slot machine, make sure that you take advantage of the free credits. Free spin rounds are your best friend when trying to win big. Many times, slot machines give out free spins because they want players to stick around for as long as possible. If you don’t have many credits, this is your time to save up and try to win big with free credits!

  • Don’t stop playing after hitting the jackpot:

This is one of the easiest ways to lose out on winning big money. How often have you seen someone hit a nice jackpot and leave immediately? Almost every time! They leave because they think their luck has run out for that slot machine. This is the wrong way to think about it. Keep playing and see if you can hit another jackpot. 96% of people who hit the jackpot let their winnings ride by playing on the same machine. This is your best chance at winning even more money.

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