Three Card Rummy is a unique casino card game that is not offered at every online casino. In fact, only an internet casino like Bovada, which uses the RTG casino software, will offer this game to be played for real money. The following article will explain how to play the game featured above.

How to Play Three Card Rummy

The main objective of this game is to receive a lower score than the dealer. Three Card Rummy is played with a single deck of cards. Each card is assigned a point value which is determined by the cards rank. Aces are always 1 point and all face cards are 10 points.

This game is similar to Caribbean Stud, where you place an Ante bet and a Raise bet. The dealer will only qualify if he has a three card total of 20 or less. If the dealer does not qualify, you will only receive a payout on the Ante bet.

You begin the game by placing the Ante bet. You can also choose to place a Bonus bet (which will be explained below). Both the dealer and you will receive 3 cards. The point total will be listed next to your cards. You will have to decide whether to raise, and place another bet, or fold, and concede the hand.

If you choose to raise, the dealer’s cards will be turned over and the two hands will be compared. If the dealer does not qualify, you will automatically win the Ante bet. If the dealer qualifies, you will lose if you have a higher total than the dealer.

If the dealer qualifies and has a higher point total than you, you will win on both the Ante and Raise bets. If you tie with the dealer, both of your bets will push.

Each card has a point total equal to its rank except in the following situation: If you receive a pair or you receive consecutive ranked cards of the same suit, the two cards will both be ranked 0 points. An Ace and King of the same suit are not considered consecutively ranked cards. A three of a kind or a straight flush will result in a point total of 0 points.

This means that the dealer can also receive 0 point cards. This is something that you will want to consider because a low score doesn’t guarantee you a win.

If you win and the dealer’s hand qualifies, you are eligible to win on the Raise bet. If your score is 6 points or higher, you will win even money (1 to 1). If your score is between 1 and 5 points, you will win 2 to 1 on the Raise bet. If your score is 0 points, you will win 4 to 1 on the Raise bet.

The Bonus bet must be placed before you receive your cards. You will lose on this bonus bet if you receive 13 points or higher. You will win on this bonus bet if you receive 12 points or lower. Here is how the bonus bet payouts work:

A suited A-2-3 pays out 100 to 1. A total of 0 points pays out 25 to 1. A 3 card total of 11 or 12 pays out 4 to 1. A point total of 1 to 6 pays out 2 to 1. A total between 7 and 10 points pays out even money.

The dealer will qualify about 2 out of 3 hands. This means that you should not raise when you have a point total of 21 or more. If you receive a non-qualifying hand, the only move to make is to fold your hand.

You will have about a 50% chance of winning when you have a point total of 17. This is the point where you should automatically raise your hand. With a point total of 18, 19 or 20, you are less likely to win. However, the dealer still has a little more than a 1 in 3 chance of not qualifying.

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