This free poker tournaments lesson is on winning tactics you can use in knock-out tournaments. If you are not familiar with these then simply they are just like regular poker tourneys but whenever you eliminate an opponent you get money.

The basic and the best game strategy is to play your best hands very aggressively and when you hit a great hand try to eliminate as many players as you can. The problem appears when a great hand doesn’t come, then it becomes a game of endurance.

Here are 2 examples from my own play of how to play and not to play! One was a 90 player and the other a 9 player game.

The 9 players tournament went really well for me at the start. I played a cautious game initially. My A6 spades got a flush from the flop and after all my opponents raised I went all-in. A pretty simple strategy and knocked out 3 players at once.

This thought gave me overconfidence, I played a weaker hand against a short stack player who hit back all-in and I lost. This wake-up call made me re-evaluate the situation. I played more safely again and eliminated another player with a 4,4 all-in after the flop showed another 4. The opponent showed AA but the river got me another 4 so off he went.

And then I was into heads-up play. My big stack against a short one. I have to admit as I had knocked the other 7 players and I was pretty confident. All I had to do was wait for a good hand. We played a little while but the good hand did not appear so, becoming impatient, I played some less good hands and, maybe because of some luck in addition to a much bigger stack, eventually got the win.

In the 90 players tournament, I knew that I needed to be more patient, to wait for the big hand and double up. I got it and hit a straight flush and beyond this concept, I started building my stack. After playing for 3 hours I became chip leader with only 13 players left (12 getting in the money).

The 13th player left after another 2 hours yet I felt tired and bored and after hitting the final table with 7 players left my patience ended. I got beat by a 2,2 and went on the tilt, I went all-in with QQ and got smashed by a KK plus 1 K in the flop.

So analyzing my game what worked for me was the short game not the long. In the long game, I played well until the most crucial stage and made bad mistakes on the final table. I went tilt and lost with good hands because I was tired, took some small hits, and felt that as I had been the big stack much of the time I was somehow owed.

To conclude, endurance in long poker tournaments is critical. It’s important in the short ones too but you don’t need quite the same level of endurance for time on the table. Overall in any game be safe yet aggressive when you get good hands keep calm all the time. If you don’t have the patience endurance for big player number long games stay with shorter ones.

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