If your love is to play cards, then blackjack Casino game is where it is at for you. But did you know that there are actually a large amount of rules with this game? The game of blackjack often called 21 is a very popular game all over the world. The object of this game is to get as close to the number 21 as possible without going over the number. The person closest to 21 wins the hand. Understand though that you are not playing against other people at the table, you are only playing against the dealer. So others seeing your cards at the table are not a big problem. In this game, usually one card is placed up and one card is placed down. You can choose to add more cards to the two cards that you have already received, but if you go over the number 21 then you have lost.

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But do you know how to tell if you have won or lost? Knowing the value of the cards is very important to knowing how to play this game. The premise is simple. In blackjack casino game, your ace will either be valued at either one or 11 points; it is your choice as to what you wanted to be valued at. Your cards numbered from 2 through 9 in any suit have the value of exactly themselves. Your kings, queens, jacks and tens of have the point value of ten.

One of the biggest rules in playing this game is that you can only touch the cards with one hand. You additionally must keep your cards over the table to alleviate any chances of cheating. If you ask for additional cards then they must remain on the table at all times. If you are an old-time poker player these rules may be difficult for you to follow.

When playing this game with two or more people and the dealer has finished dealing out two cards to each player, then it is time to start playing. The first person to decide whether they will raise the bet, draw another blackjack card or fold will be the person immediately sitting to the left of the dealer. Remember that with this casino game, you are only playing against the dealer, not against the other people at the table. You will need to wait until all of the hands as well as the dealers hand have been played out to receive any payouts in which you may have won.

I am sure that you are asking how a dealer can play against multiple people at one table at any given time. Typically there are two rules that a dealer must adhere to when playing this game. The most common of these two rules is when the dealer stands on all seventeens. In this rule, the dealer must draw or play out his hand until he reaches 17 or higher. The other rule is very similar to the first. This rule is called dealer hits soft 17. Regardless of the rule that the casino mandates for this blackjack game, the dealer has no option but to play out his hand. Understand though, that these two rules will give the dealer and the casino an advantage.

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