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10 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Casino

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The Casino Insider: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

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The benefits of taking advantage of what online slots have to offer

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The Ultimate Guide to Casino Betting: Tips and Tricks for Winning Big

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Top Strategies to Help You Win at a Casino Blog

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Casino Games Helps Brain- Is it true?

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The Perks Of Online Casinos Compared To Brick And Mortar Casinos

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Android Casino Online Games – Get to know about the casino games 

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Top Strategies to Help You Win at a Casino Blog

Top Strategies to Help You Win at a Casino Blog

Casino gaming is an exciting and thrilling activity that millions of people enjoy. The thrill of the win, the anticipation...

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Tips To Win At Poker Easily And Swiftly

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What About The Concept Of The Texas Hold’em?

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Avoiding Common Poker Mistakes Will Help You win 

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Latest Posts

Stars Rewards – New kind Of Loyalty Program In Poker

Poker business, especially online, as well as gaming world in general, is certainly driven by the constant need for improvement. To attract new customers, poker providers are doing their best to make their software better and more engaging. This year PokerStars delivers some major changes on their platform, including new loyalty program called Stars Rewards.

Obviously, the skillful players could be able to achieve some profit from online gaming, or even make a decent living. Also, the mere fact of playing in the best online poker rooms could be entertaining enough. However, experienced users are well aware that all those things get better with a little extra incentive. Plus, recreational players will always appreciate some nice prize awards or bonuses coming their way. This is where so-called loyalty programs or VIP clubs come into play. In most cases, the general idea is for clients to gather points awarded accordingly to real money activity on the account. This means that regular high stakes players would most likely be the biggest beneficiaries of the system. It is a nice way to get some of your invested bankroll back, and a pretty good deal for poker rooms, as the prize money probably is going to be spend at the tables anyway.

There are no obstacles for loyalty programs to be more than that and to take more elaborated form. PokerStars is surely one of the leading parties in the matter. Their propositions often transcend beyond simple exchanging points. Before recent changes they were operating on the rudiments of various VIP levels. Those were being established by the amount of VPP points accumulated in a month. There were also FPP points for spending your bankroll that could be used to purchase prizes and tournament tickets. Higher the VIP level, quicker the points earning.

The new system is even more detailed. You still get points for regular playing, awarded for most real money games (with few minor exceptions), at poker, betting section and casino. You get 100 rewards points for every dollar in rake or tournament fees. Those points then will determine which one of six available chests, each having different maximum value, you can open to see what’s inside. What you can find is supposed to have a corresponding relation to what you do as a player. This concept of personalized awards suggests that the things you can get for participating in the program are being tailored to your preferences. This should mean that, if you are usually active in small stake multi-table tournaments, you can probably expect a few bucks in tournament ticket as your reward.

Besides that, the chest will hide some seasonal surprises in the form of entries and tickets to some special events (like WSOP, PS Festival and similar). Other than that, the overall prize pool should include the mix of some extra cash, StarCoins and more reward points. StarCoins can be exchanged for cash, tickets and other stuff at rewards store, or used in the special lottery “The Deal” where you can bet some of them for a chance to win something big.

Three Card Rummy Flash Game

Three Card Rummy is a unique casino card game that is not offered at every online casino. In fact, only an internet casino like Bovada, which uses the RTG casino software, will offer this game to be played for real money. The following article will explain how to play the game featured above.

How to Play Three Card Rummy

The main objective of this game is to receive a lower score than the dealer. Three Card Rummy is played with a single deck of cards. Each card is assigned a point value which is determined by the cards rank. Aces are always 1 point and all face cards are 10 points.

This game is similar to Caribbean Stud, where you place an Ante bet and a Raise bet. The dealer will only qualify if he has a three card total of 20 or less. If the dealer does not qualify, you will only receive a payout on the Ante bet.

You begin the game by placing the Ante bet. You can also choose to place a Bonus bet (which will be explained below). Both the dealer and you will receive 3 cards. The point total will be listed next to your cards. You will have to decide whether to raise, and place another bet, or fold, and concede the hand.

If you choose to raise, the dealer’s cards will be turned over and the two hands will be compared. If the dealer does not qualify, you will automatically win the Ante bet. If the dealer qualifies, you will lose if you have a higher total than the dealer.

If the dealer qualifies and has a higher point total than you, you will win on both the Ante and Raise bets. If you tie with the dealer, both of your bets will push.

Each card has a point total equal to its rank except in the following situation: If you receive a pair or you receive consecutive ranked cards of the same suit, the two cards will both be ranked 0 points. An Ace and King of the same suit are not considered consecutively ranked cards. A three of a kind or a straight flush will result in a point total of 0 points.

This means that the dealer can also receive 0 point cards. This is something that you will want to consider because a low score doesn’t guarantee you a win.

If you win and the dealer’s hand qualifies, you are eligible to win on the Raise bet. If your score is 6 points or higher, you will win even money (1 to 1). If your score is between 1 and 5 points, you will win 2 to 1 on the Raise bet. If your score is 0 points, you will win 4 to 1 on the Raise bet.

The Bonus bet must be placed before you receive your cards. You will lose on this bonus bet if you receive 13 points or higher. You will win on this bonus bet if you receive 12 points or lower. Here is how the bonus bet payouts work:

A suited A-2-3 pays out 100 to 1. A total of 0 points pays out 25 to 1. A 3 card total of 11 or 12 pays out 4 to 1. A point total of 1 to 6 pays out 2 to 1. A total between 7 and 10 points pays out even money.

The dealer will qualify about 2 out of 3 hands. This means that you should not raise when you have a point total of 21 or more. If you receive a non-qualifying hand, the only move to make is to fold your hand.

You will have about a 50% chance of winning when you have a point total of 17. This is the point where you should automatically raise your hand. With a point total of 18, 19 or 20, you are less likely to win. However, the dealer still has a little more than a 1 in 3 chance of not qualifying.

How to Choose a Good Online Casino

Due to so many online casinos that are available for players nowadays it has become problematic to select one as you are basically spoiled for choice. We are faced with an online casino industry that is constantly growing and created one online gaming market that resulted in different new online casinos being launched. Some of them are actually unlicensed and appeared with the sole purpose of making quick money from unsuspecting players. Due to this reason selecting the online casino where to play is really important as we are talking about your money. Fortunately it has become easy to verify all online casinos to see if they are legitimate. All that has to be done is checking different review or guide sites for online casinos. You can also check the casino for yourself. In addition to that, one interesting parameter could be reviewing which online casino offers the best refer a friend bonus, the most profitable and with more advantages.

Many tend to pick an online casino by referral basis or simple friend recommendation. We can say that this is a really safe method to do this although you might end up missing on that casino that will offer you a much better experience. There are always other options available. So how should you choose one online casino that stands out as good and will suit your personal needs? What are the factors that you need to think about when considering this evaluation?

When considering any online casino for a real money experience you need to look at different important issues and simply not get mesmerized by a huge welcome bonus or a tournament prize amount. First you have to check if a casino you are considering is one that is legitimate and has a good license released by one reputable agency. We recommend that you choose one online casino that existed for a minimum of two years as such an accomplishment is enough to warrant a trustworthy reputation. Also, we recommend that you choose online casinos that are operated and owned by reputed and solid gaming companies.

Next you need to look at the software. It needs to be created by a reputable company too. Platforms for online casinos like Playtech, Cryptologic and Microgaming are always recommended and will offer a big level of quality, stability and reliability.

When you find one online casino that meets the criteria and you stand out happy with the particular gaming package offered you can easily think about customer service and banking options first. Any online casino that will be good is to offer you different choices when talking about both withdrawal and deposit options. Study limits and different standards that are offered for games you are considering. Study if this suits your wallet and consider the TOS together with the available welcome bonus. Analyze the bonus to see if it is normal or sticky so that you can decide if an investment in the site is a good idea.

Learn How To Play Online Slot Machines

For you to avoid a lot of possible mistakes you have to properly learn how a slot machine should be played. You need to also learn how to differentiate when comparing different machines and how they operate.

Slots have been around for around 100 years now. Nowadays the developments that we see are major and this is one game that became a lot more fun with many more chances of actually winning.

A slot machine is the simplest game that anyone can play inside a casino. In order to play you just have to buy one special coin or, more common, use regular cash. In an online casino you pay through the use of one registered account. In order to activate your slot machine you have to pull a level, click on a screen or simply press a button.

Your goal when you want to learn playing slots is simply to end up winning money from a given slot machine through obtaining consecutive rows of a shape or symbol. When you learn playing a slot machine you will see that every screen shows you one row or more of specific symbols. They are placed on spinning wheels, 3 to 5, and can be suits, numbers, fruits and basically any form or shape.

As soon as you start operating the machine through pulling a level you will see the wheels turning and changing images fast. When a machine stops the last 3 to 5 shapes are to dictate a score. Right next to the slot machine you will find a chart that will show you combinations that are winning and cash prizes possible. If one of the combinations is scored then the machine will make different types of noises. You are then to receive the associated prize. In different cases you might win the prize of an extra free round so that you can play the slots machine again.

Easy Card Games

Sensing bored with offline card games? Well, if you are someone who loves card gambling games you can get liberated of your boredom by gambling an Online Card Game. There are a diversity of games on the internet intended for all: for those who gamble for activity as well as the game fan.

Whether you opt to gamble a single-player game or a multi-player game, the alternatives are boundless. Apart from offline play cards games like solitaire, FreeCell and hearts there are online card games with frequent options which come with attractive graphics. While gambling online you are no more gambling with a computer, there are multiplayer alternative where you will be playing with other real gamblers. (Refer Online Blackjack).

Some games also necessitate partnerships, where you pair-up with another gambler and gamble with another pair of gamblers.

Poker – is a sort of card game in which gambler bet on the worth of the card mixture in their hand, by placing a stake. The champion is the one who holds the hand with the maximum value according to an recognized hand ranking chain of command. Here you’ll have to bet the cards in your hand. You are the champion if your bet is right. Some offer points to the champion while a few offer cash.

Rummy – is a group of card games notable for game play based on the identical of similar gambling cards. Even though the word “Rummy” is frequently used as a stand-in for the precise game “Gin Rummy”, the term is appropriate to a large family of card games. Rummy is a whole family of games all sharing the “draw and discard” arrangement.

Besides this unique gambling pattern, the main goal is to get purged of all of the cards in your hand by shaping either sets or runs. All of the Rummy games encloses some sort of a scoring scheme making the gambling for cash much more striking. (Refer Online Poker).

Blackjack is also identified as Twenty-one, Vingt-et-un in French for Twenty-one or Pontoon is the most extensively gambled casino banking game in the planet. Blackjack’s reputation is due to the mix of possibility with elements of skill, and the advertising that surrounds card counting (calculating the probability of advantages based on the ratio of high cards to low cards).

This is one of the well-liked online card games gambled. Here you’ll have to make higher points than the trader but not beyond 21. There are dissimilar points for different cards. Kings, queens and jacks carry 10 points. Aces may take points from 1 to 11.

Here, when you choose to gamble with a human participant, you will have the opening of chatting with your enemy online. This is really enormous for people who wish to construct up social communication and game knowledge. You will be gambling with people from all over the planet and get to communicate with people from dissimilar countries.

It’s not that hard to gamble an online card game. These games come with commands as to how to make your moves, rules to pursue and the method of gambling. It’s always a good thought to read the instructions before you start!

Online Blackjack is not anything more than the virtual, Web-based account of the accepted casino card game in which the gamblers ability can have as much effect on the result as the element of possibility. Blackjack online offers the same satisfaction as it does in “real world” casinos, but can be gambled right from your computer – one can gamble on and gambling blackjack online without ever having to leave home!(Refer Gambling Card Games).

Novice to online blackjack will be involved to know that the game has a charming history that goes back over three hundred years. The precursor of blackjack games online is a card game known as vingt-et-une, or “Twenty-One,” gambled in France back at the time of King Louis IV around 1700.

It didn’t grasp on in the U.S. at first; in order to increase the game’s status, gambling saloons started offering a 10 to 1 payout if the winners succeeding hand contained either the Jack of Clubs or the Jack of Spades; hence, the name “Black Jack.” The name for blackjack games online has wedged, eventhough casinos have not obtained the 10 to 1 payout for many decades.

Whether you’re an advanced gambler or a beginner, you’ll discover that blackjack online proposes all the standard difference of the game that you’ll find in a land based. Some of the variations offered by blackjack games online include “Spanish 21,” which offers payout bonuses for precise combinations, along with the confront of no tens being used; “21st Century,” or “Vegas Style,” in which a “bust” does not unavoidably comprise a loss; and “Double Exposure,” which allows a gambler to increase his gamble even after the trader has displayed his “up” card.

For the daring who are seeking an exotic online blackjack practice, there are even websites offering strip blackjack, featuring attractive “virtual” models for your pleasure.(Refer Online Poker).

Since trustworthy virtual casinos function the same way as their brick-and-mortar complement, many of the strategies used by winning blackjack gamblers can also be used when you gamble blackjack online.

These comprise shuffle tracking as well as the fundamental and “composition-dependent” strategy. Even “card counting” is not measured cheating, as long as no fake counting devices are employed .

Just For The Fun of It

It’s worth bearing in mind that while many online blackjack games are gambled for money, the game can be pleasant all by itself. Many websites propose blackjack online that can be gambled for points simply as a enjoyable diversion.

Whatever your online blackjack preferences, policies and/or skill level, chances are good that you’ll find multiple chances to gamble blackjack online at a highly regarded online casino.

Gambling poker online is fast becoming a way for many to take pleasure in the sport of poker devoid of all the hassles of traveling to another state or getting out in all kinds of climate to find a casino. Many states in the US do not even have one casino with any sort of table games, thus many persons cannot just drive down the street to gamble a hand.

They must go on holiday to find a casino, thus the main reason online poker is so admired. However, do people genuine win at online casinos? The answer is yes, but you must recognize how to gamble in the virtual world in order to succeed.(Refer Gambling Card Games).

Online poker is beautiful much the same as in a casino. You can gamble in a virtual world nowadays and even in a 3D world, making the game even more pleasant. The 3D games are almost like being there only without all the noise that you originated at casinos.

To succeed at online poker games, you still gamble just about, like you would in a casino. You should start out by gambling your highest hand at the commencement of the poker game. You should also remember the old proverb, “know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold”.

If you think, you have a bad hand, fold up. This way you will not drop as much, because no one succeeds every time. Online, you can watch the gamblers faces and learn if they are tricking, it is better to crease than lose a huge amount of cash.

As you enter a poker room, watch before joining in. What are the stacks? If they are higher than you wish to lose, then leave. You can find a space where the stacks are not as high and you can enjoy succeeding.

If you are losing, lesser your bet. You do not always have to bet the maximum. This will also help you win while reducing your losses.

Although, you are gambling online, try to get to know the other gamblers. Learn how they bet, their approachs, etc…, by watching the game prior to joining in if probable. You must still study how to outwit the other poker gamblers in the room if you wish to succeed. (Refer Online Blackjack).

Bet with Confidence at William Hill

Our William Hill review shows you how to join one of the world’s biggest online bookmakers and score a matched first deposit bonus up to $502 along the way!

Established in 1934, William Hill is one of the world’s biggest gaming companies and the UK’s biggest bookmaker.

Punters can enjoy a host of online betting options at William Hill Australia. Place bets via desktop, mobile, or tablet, at one of the quickest online betting websites around.

You can bet with confidence on all codes of racing, along with a wide range of Australian and International sports at William Hill Australia.

Open a new William Hill account right now through Free Bet Bookies and deposit funds to receive a matched first deposit bonus up to $502!

Punters can enjoy a great service at William Hill with a huge range of bet types and member promotions.

Additionally, free tipping comps and a quality William Hill Mobile Betting app make them a top choice if you plan to join an online bookmaker.

William Hill has some of the best member promotions online and they are always offering special offers and money back specials on a daily basis to ensure plenty of value for your punting dollar That’s why William Hill is a great place to bet!

Enjoy the best dividend of the three Australian TABs for every Australian thoroughbred race. That’s why there’s no better bet than a William Hill!

Ensure the best odds for your bet with a guaranteed better dividend than an Australian TAB on every race, every day with Best Tote Plus! More about Best Tote Plus

William Hill is always offering daily and weekly special offers and money back promotions for members on major sports such as the AFL, NRL and Horse Racing, plus major events being played around the world.

Racing punters are certainly well catered for at William Hill and you can enjoy a large number of racing bet types every day of the year including Best Fluc, Starting Price, Fixed Odds, SP odds, Best Odds, MaxiFlex and SP Insurance.

William Hill is home to the exciting AFL Pick The Ladder with up to $100 Million up for grabs for simply picking the AFL Season Ladder in the correct order. Enter now for your chance to win $100,000,000 this season!

William Hill offers popular exotic bet types including Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Quadrella and more. They also have the exciting Place Card betting option for place punters. Enjoy All-Up Betting, First Four, Parlay Betting, Trebles and Doubles at William Hill.

William Hill has an excellent sports betting product. Place Single bets, Margin bets, Line bets, Multi bets, Parlay bets and Live bets on a huge range of sporting events across the globe.

The free William Hill Mobile app allows you to place bets on the run on your mobile phone. Browse betting markets, check account details, deposit and withdraw funds, and more. William Hill mobile is completely free for members and just another reason to join this exciting bookmaker.

William Hill offers plenty of value for money for members. Check them out today and enjoy some very generous William Hill free bets when you join!

New William Hill members can claim a matched first deposit bonus up to $502 in Bonus Bets! Simply open a new account, deposit funds, and have it matched dollar for dollar with bonus bets up to $520!

Online Roulette For Fun

Even if USA popularity is not as high as Europe popularity roulette still enjoys a lot of followers in both a land based and an online casino setting. A lot of gamblers try to crack the roulette code ever since it first appeared. We are faced with many secret strategies and gambling systems advertised. The truth is that you should not believe anything like that.

The truth is that any roulette, being a game based on luck, offers bad chances of winning exactly as it is when playing Craps. If we compare it with other casino games we see that roulette is basically based on chance and offers a huge house edge. You will see that a payout of 1 to 1 is offered on the best possible table bets. These are black, red, low, high, odd or even bets.

The strong point of roulette is the fact that it gives players a tremendous entertainment and leisure experience. It is much more dangerous online. This is because the wheel will spin a lot faster and will settle sooner. This basically translates in the fact that you make more bets in shorter periods of time in online casinos.

If you stand out as a new player then you need to get familiarized with the layout of the table together with payouts and possible bets. Different bet types are available. They are characterized as being inside or outside. Every single bet offers different payouts. Always keep in mind that low house edge appears with outside bets.

Many roulette versions exist. Every single one of them is available in online casinos. These include American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette. The seen differences are small and you need to be aware that American Roulette will give out the highest possible Casino edge.

The beginning of the game sees players placing bets. You can put a bet directly on desired number, on lines placed between numbers or alternatively in different boxes that are surround the roulette table. Keep in mind that land based casino roulette show chips that do not have denominations. They are usually color based with a color being attributed to a player. In online casinos all chips are marked. A dealer will send the ball spinning on the slotted wheel. The ball is to land on a number and we have losers and winners.

As we already mentioned, American Roulette gives a higher House edge. The reason for this is the existence of an extra slot on the wheel, a double zero (00). In European Roulette you will not find that.

There is also a special rule in European variation called “en prison”. This will return half of a player’s 1 to 1 bets when balls land on zero. Alternatively you can have the chips stay on the roulette table for a following bet. The player usually decides. In the event that the bet is a winner at the second spin you get the money back but no extra winnings. There is also the “la partage” rule, which is similar but you can not imprison bets for the following round. You just receive half of the money back for every zero outcome. Such rules are helpful for players as they lower Casino edge. Whenever playing roulette you should look for them.

Things to know about CrownBet

CrownBet is an Australian owned online bookmaker that launched in March 2015 and as an official partner of the AFL and Victorian racing with wagering’s most advanced mobile app, CrownBet gives you greater odds and a superior online betting experience.

CrownBet offers punters a wide variety of online betting products, along with first-class customer service, exciting special offers, and some exclusive member bonuses. CrownBet also has an easy-to-use website and state of the art CrownBet mobile betting app.

Whether you prefer betting via telephone or Internet, you can place bets at CrownBet on all types of racing as well as a wide range of Australian and International sports. What’s more, you can take advantage of some excellent CrownBet free bets along the way!

CrownBet also announced that CrownBet and the Crown Signature Club have launched a world-first loyalty program partnership, with CrownBet members to earn Crown Signature points with every racing and sports bet they place.

CrownBet also offer a credit service that can be used upon request and members are available to cancel or reduce their credit facility at any time.

Join CrownBet right now and turn $100 into $200 when you open a new online betting account and make a first deposit of just $100! Simply register a new account and make a first deposit of $100 or more to receive up to $100 Bonus Bets!

Turn $150 into $300 when you join CrownBet and deposit $150 or more!

The CrownBet Bonus Bets are subject to terms and conditions which can be found on their landing page.

CrownBet offer members plenty of money back special offers on popular sports such as the AFL, NRL, EPL, NBL, MLB, NFL, Tennis, Cricket, Basetball and more.

CrownBet special offers include bonus bets if your team or player leads at selected breaks during the match but eventually loses the game or if you take a 4 leg multibet and one of your legs fails to win.

One of the more popular CrownBet promotions is the CrownBet Boost where you can enjoy enhanced prices on some of the hottest teams and biggest names on a variety of sport and racing events.

Check the CrownBet website each week to find out the latest CrownBet Boost offer.

Fancy yourself as a Punter of the Week? At CrownBet, they believe good punting stories deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated! Have you had a super win lately? Send CrownBet an email and nominate yourself as our Punter of the Week!

CrownBet special offers change all the time and best to check the CrownBet promotions each weekend for their latest AFL & NRL special offers.

Racing punters at CrownBet can take advantage of the best horse racing payouts with Best Tote Plus bet type, plus they also have a host of horse racing special offers every day of the week.

Get your money back as cash or bonus bets on selected races every day and take a punt with Mystery Bets, get paid out even if you lose with Protest Payout, plus CrownBet will also make it right when the wrong call is made with their Fair Go Refunds.

What’s more, CrownBet also stream Victorian racing live, so if racing is your go, a CrownBet account is a must.

Add the state of the art CrownBet mobile to place bets on the run and it’s easy to see that a CrownBet account is essential for betting online.

CrownBet offer racing special offers every day of the week and we highly recommend them for some of most innovative money back specials online.

CrownBet is licensed by the Northern Territory Government and offers a safe & secure betting environment. You can bet with confidence at CrownBet as they are regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

Online Video Poker Introduction

One of the really popular casino games is video poker. This is true on the Internet and in land based casinos. The casino edge is low and there is a big chance of winning. The phenomenon of video poker ended up developing a huge following of good players and poker fans. When you play video poker online you are alone and that is how a lot of gamblers like to gamble.

Different video poker variations exist. You will find most in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. Generally online casinos use standard video poker games. Also, based on software and casino you are to find Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Bonus Poker or Aces and Faces.

The edge of the casino is low and this can actually transform in player advantage. However, if you want to win in video poker you do need to make really good choices based on mathematical strategy. Even so, you might still not win. You will hear that video poker is linked with many lows and highs so discipline is necessary. In most cases you will be faced with a good return. Simply look at payout percentages that are given by online casinos to realize the high returns of video poker.

In the event that you do not know video poker you will need to get used with standard poker rankings. Also, think about the offered payout table chosen in video poker games where you are playing. Different variations do exist and it is great if you do know them. Also, the same game can actually offer a different payout structure in different casinos. Online you are to see that software providers will show different payouts. This basically means that you have to know the software developers.

Every video poker machine is to offer you 1 to 4 coins possibilities. You can even play a maximum of 100 hands in one go. You simply decide on coin stake and then see how many coins and hands you are to play with. Then click DEAL. In different games you will see software placing automatic holds on cards that are considered to be kept based on strategies. In the event that you do not agree then you can remove holds. As soon as you finish click DRAW to end the hand.

In most cases it is recommended to not risk winnings in special bonus rounds. This does not mean that you need to rule it out. All is based on risks that you are considering. However, in the event that you want to use a very good strategy you should not risk winnings on those special bonus rounds. To plan your strategy successfully, you might also want to read the articles on the video poker odds. Also, you should bet a maximum coin number as almost always you are to find one special award if you play maximum coin numbers.

Betfair odds Better than TAB

Betfair is the smart choice for value punters in Australia, and our Betfair Guide will show you how to join the world’s biggest betting exchange to get better odds than the TAB.

The best thing about Betfair is the ability to be able to Back your horse or team to win or Lay them to lose; it’s your choice!

Join Betfair to score a 20% Winners Bonus up to $500!

At Betfair, you place your bets against fellow punters on the outcome of each other’s opinion, and that means much better odds for you, the punter!

Why would you bet at the TAB when you can get much better odds at Betfair?

Punting at Betfair puts you in charge of your betting and you can choose to accept odds offered by any other punter on Betfair, or you can even go the opposite way and lay bets that you think cannot win.

The odds available at Betfair are almost always better than the TAB because there are no pools involved. Simply put, Betfair allows two punters to exchange bets; then Betfair holds the money until the result is declared and the winning punter paid out.

Betfair or TAB? The answer is easy, Betfair Odds = BIGGER WINS!

Read our Betfair Guide below and start getting the best odds for your bet right now!

Open an account at Betfair for Free

Joining Betfair is very simple and best of all it is FREE! You can open an account in a matter of minutes by just clicking on any of the Betfair banners on this page or the ‘Join Betfair now’ link below. Once you get to the landing page, simply fill in the required details then click the ‘GET STARTED’ button to register a new Betfair account.

Open a new Betfair account and place a first bet up to $200 and if your first bet loses they’ll refund your initial stake up to $200! (Terms & conditions apply and exclude SA, WA, NSW & VIC residents)

From the sign up page, you will need to enter your personal details, contact information, and create a Betfair username and password that will enable you to access the site.

Once inside you have the ability to check out all that Betfair have to offer. The ‘Racing Zone’ is an excellent feature of Betfair racing and gives punters vital horse racing information in one easy to use location.

Placing a bet at Betfair is much like how you would back a selection on the TAB or with a bookmaker. Betfair betting markets all have fixed odds betting, and it’s just a matter of finding your desired market for any sport or racing event and then choosing the odds that you consider the best for your choice.

Betfair prices are better than the Australian TAB, and if you want the very best odds for your selection, then Betfair is your answer. Once you see the value on offer at Betfair, you will never have to accept reduced TAB odds again.

Betfair allows you to place bets on events and it also allows you to lay bets on selected events of your choice. If you think the favourite is no good thing, then you can lay the favourite to lose. If someone accepts your bet and the favourite goes down as you expect, then your bet is a winner.

Laying a bet simply means you are putting money on a result that you feel won’t happen. It is the opposite of placing a bet to win. That’s what makes Betfair such an attractive place to bet, as it gives you a choice. Back it to win or Lay it to lose. You make the decision!

Betfair offers opportunistic punters the chance to win big from placing bets ‘live’ during racing or sporting events. If you have your finger on the pulse of a live event, then Betfair is the perfect betting platform. Take advantage of the swings and roundabouts of a race or match that can see odds fluctuating wildly. Betfair punters can experience some exciting moments and very profitable returns.

Deposits into your Betfair account can be made via popular deposit options including Bank Transfer, BPay, NAB, Credit Union. Each requires a minimum $5 deposit with no associated fees. Visa and Mastercard require a deposit of at least $30 with a small fee applied.

Terms and conditions apply to all the primary payment methods, and withdrawals are processed within one to three days. For more information refer to the bookmakers ‘Help’ menu under withdrawal and deposits.

• Join Betfair now to receive better than TAB odds

Quality customer service is assured at Betfair, and they excel in that department. With more than one million customers worldwide, they have stood the test of time looking after members. If you can’t find what you want in their thorough online help section, then speak to a customer service representative. Betfair has a 24/7 manned help desk for more personal help with your betting.

Once you try the world’s biggest betting exchange, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.