Even if USA popularity is not as high as Europe popularity roulette still enjoys a lot of followers in both a land based and an online casino setting. A lot of gamblers try to crack the roulette code ever since it first appeared. We are faced with many secret strategies and gambling systems advertised. The truth is that you should not believe anything like that.

The truth is that any roulette, being a game based on luck, offers bad chances of winning exactly as it is when playing Craps. If we compare it with other casino games we see that roulette is basically based on chance and offers a huge house edge. You will see that a payout of 1 to 1 is offered on the best possible table bets. These are black, red, low, high, odd or even bets.

The strong point of roulette is the fact that it gives players a tremendous entertainment and leisure experience. It is much more dangerous online. This is because the wheel will spin a lot faster and will settle sooner. This basically translates in the fact that you make more bets in shorter periods of time in online casinos.

If you stand out as a new player then you need to get familiarized with the layout of the table together with payouts and possible bets. Different bet types are available. They are characterized as being inside or outside. Every single bet offers different payouts. Always keep in mind that low house edge appears with outside bets.

Many roulette versions exist. Every single one of them is available in online casinos. These include American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette. The seen differences are small and you need to be aware that American Roulette will give out the highest possible Casino edge.

The beginning of the game sees players placing bets. You can put a bet directly on desired number, on lines placed between numbers or alternatively in different boxes that are surround the roulette table. Keep in mind that land based casino roulette show chips that do not have denominations. They are usually color based with a color being attributed to a player. In online casinos all chips are marked. A dealer will send the ball spinning on the slotted wheel. The ball is to land on a number and we have losers and winners.

As we already mentioned, American Roulette gives a higher House edge. The reason for this is the existence of an extra slot on the wheel, a double zero (00). In European Roulette you will not find that.

There is also a special rule in European variation called “en prison”. This will return half of a player’s 1 to 1 bets when balls land on zero. Alternatively you can have the chips stay on the roulette table for a following bet. The player usually decides. In the event that the bet is a winner at the second spin you get the money back but no extra winnings. There is also the “la partage” rule, which is similar but you can not imprison bets for the following round. You just receive half of the money back for every zero outcome. Such rules are helpful for players as they lower Casino edge. Whenever playing roulette you should look for them.

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