Mobile gambling and sports betting has been talked about since 2005. However, since then not much has happened.

It’s only towards the end of 2010 and in to 2011 that we’re now starting to see significant growth in the mobile sports betting industry, however it isn’t reaching the record levels that it was presumed to reach five years ago.

The stats people and software developers for gambling operators are starting to take notice however.

The reasons behind mobile sports betting’s failure to take off as rapidly as poker did in 2003 is because most mobile phone devices were WAP or Java based. This leaves a large void in over coming the technological gap to provide user-friendly mobile sports betting services.

The rise of smart phones such as the iphone and Google Android platforms however have led to the development of special “downloadable sports betting apps” which are specially developed for modern tablet and smart phone devices. The menus and features are so extensive that players can easily view the latest live results, sports markets, odds and stats with just a couple of clicks of a button. The larger, 8 cm touch screen devices also make viewing odds and placing bets easier.

In terms of the future of mobile sports betting, it’s likely to get massive. Current mobile sports betting operators such as Bet365, who have their own Bet365 iPhone App have stated that the largest markets are the iPhone and Android. Around 40% of their mobile betting turnover comes from these two devices, the latter of which has succeeded the iPhone in terms of popularity and numbers.

In 2011, the iPhone is expected to sell another 10 million units, in addition to the Android software skin which will probably rise to 50 million users. Every day, there are 300,000 new smart phone customers.

At the moment, smart phone search represents only 3% of the total online search engine market (the number of searches through engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo Search. However this is expected to double over the next year and could rise infinitely higher taking into account media advertising, the spread of smart phones, word of mouth and special mobile promotions run by sportsbooks.

One of the main advantages of mobile sports betting and iphone betting is that in many ways it is becoming easier to place bets on your mobile than on the computer.

In current period people are even getting the option of playing the gm on the mobile phone. To increase the winning chances of the players most of the platform like togel hongkong provides the option to play the game on the mobile phones. They can easily make money on time with the mobile gaming option.

The ability to download and load up “apps” on your iphone means that you don’t need to enter URLs and manually visit the mobile betting section of a website. The ability to save your account details, credit cards and favourite sports betting markets also make placing a bet very simple.

In fact, the usability of mobile sports betting and accessing the internet is one of the reasons why mobile phones and tablet computers are going to have a higher market share of internet users than computers by 2014. Technological improvements including mobile-friendly websites, URL tracking and page redirects for compatible mobile devices makes mobile internet surfing easier than ever before.

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