Betfair is the smart choice for value punters in Australia, and our Betfair Guide will show you how to join the world’s biggest betting exchange to get better odds than the TAB.

The best thing about Betfair is the ability to be able to Back your horse or team to win or Lay them to lose; it’s your choice!

Join Betfair to score a 20% Winners Bonus up to $500!

At Betfair, you place your bets against fellow punters on the outcome of each other’s opinion, and that means much better odds for you, the punter!

Why would you bet at the TAB when you can get much better odds at Betfair?

Punting at Betfair puts you in charge of your betting and you can choose to accept odds offered by any other punter on Betfair, or you can even go the opposite way and lay bets that you think cannot win.

The odds available at Betfair are almost always better than the TAB because there are no pools involved. Simply put, Betfair allows two punters to exchange bets; then Betfair holds the money until the result is declared and the winning punter paid out.

Betfair or TAB? The answer is easy, Betfair Odds = BIGGER WINS!

Read our Betfair Guide below and start getting the best odds for your bet right now!

Open an account at Betfair for Free

Joining Betfair is very simple and best of all it is FREE! You can open an account in a matter of minutes by just clicking on any of the Betfair banners on this page or the ‘Join Betfair now’ link below. Once you get to the landing page, simply fill in the required details then click the ‘GET STARTED’ button to register a new Betfair account.

Open a new Betfair account and place a first bet up to $200 and if your first bet loses they’ll refund your initial stake up to $200! (Terms & conditions apply and exclude SA, WA, NSW & VIC residents)

From the sign up page, you will need to enter your personal details, contact information, and create a Betfair username and password that will enable you to access the site.

Once inside you have the ability to check out all that Betfair have to offer. The ‘Racing Zone’ is an excellent feature of Betfair racing and gives punters vital horse racing information in one easy to use location.

Placing a bet at Betfair is much like how you would back a selection on the TAB or with a bookmaker. Betfair betting markets all have fixed odds betting, and it’s just a matter of finding your desired market for any sport or racing event and then choosing the odds that you consider the best for your choice.

Betfair prices are better than the Australian TAB, and if you want the very best odds for your selection, then Betfair is your answer. Once you see the value on offer at Betfair, you will never have to accept reduced TAB odds again.

Betfair allows you to place bets on events and it also allows you to lay bets on selected events of your choice. If you think the favourite is no good thing, then you can lay the favourite to lose. If someone accepts your bet and the favourite goes down as you expect, then your bet is a winner.

Laying a bet simply means you are putting money on a result that you feel won’t happen. It is the opposite of placing a bet to win. That’s what makes Betfair such an attractive place to bet, as it gives you a choice. Back it to win or Lay it to lose. You make the decision!

Betfair offers opportunistic punters the chance to win big from placing bets ‘live’ during racing or sporting events. If you have your finger on the pulse of a live event, then Betfair is the perfect betting platform. Take advantage of the swings and roundabouts of a race or match that can see odds fluctuating wildly. Betfair punters can experience some exciting moments and very profitable returns.

Deposits into your Betfair account can be made via popular deposit options including Bank Transfer, BPay, NAB, Credit Union. Each requires a minimum $5 deposit with no associated fees. Visa and Mastercard require a deposit of at least $30 with a small fee applied.

Terms and conditions apply to all the primary payment methods, and withdrawals are processed within one to three days. For more information refer to the bookmakers ‘Help’ menu under withdrawal and deposits.

• Join Betfair now to receive better than TAB odds

Quality customer service is assured at Betfair, and they excel in that department. With more than one million customers worldwide, they have stood the test of time looking after members. If you can’t find what you want in their thorough online help section, then speak to a customer service representative. Betfair has a 24/7 manned help desk for more personal help with your betting.

Once you try the world’s biggest betting exchange, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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