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The Artistry of Silence

"The Artist" offers a rare chance to see a silent film as it was meant to be seen.

Mucho Car

After more than 30 years together, my beloved British sports car and I have parted. We've become too old to continue our exciting adventures together.

My 9/11 Guilt

I selfishly thought of myself first in the wake of 9/11. Were others as selfish?

Obits For Sale

The San Francisco Chronicle, hurting financially like other newspapers, is trying to help ease the pain by charging grieving readers outrageous fees to run death notices.

It's Halloween - The Martians Have Landed!

A masterful radio drama about an invasion from Mars panicked millions of Americans on a long ago Halloween eve.

The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven

The extraordinary career of Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians.

Say No to Christmas Zombies

Christmas shoppers' alert: Beware of those personal audio players that are turning people into near-zombies.

Good Soldiers All

Me and my teen and pre-teen buddies played important supporting roles on the World War II Home Front.

Cover Up Those Legs, Please

You may think it cool to walk around in short pants - but not me. It reminds me of people chasing Frankenstein's monster and other unpleasantries.

"The Departed": Yet Another Outrageously Overrated Movie

Violent words and actions endlessly repeated do not a great movie make.

Thanks, Pauline, for the Movies

Critic Pauline Kael was perhaps the best friend moviegoers ever had.

The Disgusting "Little Miss Sunshine"

Few movies have been as overrated as this uncomic "comedy."

Playing "Advergames" With Kids' Health

Junk food sellers are now using the Internet to peddle their unhealthy fat-saturated stuff to the young.

An Art Deco Masterpiece

Oakland's Paramount Theatre is a truly magnificent work of art.

A Comic Masterpiece

They don't make films any better than "Trouble in Paradise."

One of the Creepiest Films of All Time

"Eyes Without a Face" is among the greatest of horror films, beautifully written, directed and acted with a purpose beyond scaring you.

A Great Unknown Film

"It Happened Here" conveys, in masterful and chilling detail, what could very well have happened if Nazi Germany had won World War II.

Beware: The Beast Has Moved

Scholars have discovered that the dread number of the Antichrist is not our street address of 666 after all, but 616, the area code of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A Fountain of Youth

Soda fountains - remember them? - were important places of learning for the young.

The Incredibly Overrated 'Sideways'

Ignore the critics and popular opinion. This is a very bad movie.

A Little Running, Maybe

Oh, it's not easy, that business of seeking better health through exercise.

King Bing and Others

"King of Jazz" is a highly entertaining must-see musical for those interested in the history of popular culture.

The Thrill of the Unmarked Car

My car wears no one's label - and neither should yours.

The Art of Silence

Silent films were at least as artistic and entertaining as the talkies that supplanted them.

Just Looking, Thanks

We were still in our teens, stranded in a Nevada town, but the sheriff and the madam who ran the town brothel came to our rescue.

Why They Invented the Coonskin Cap

Raccoons are smart, we are stupid.

'The Sky Was Full of Stairs'

Teenage scholars sometimes have only a shaky grasp of English, but as one says, they have great "emberstation" to do better.

The Unforgettable Bing Crosby

Although he's largely forgotten today, Bing Crosby was one of the most influential figures in the history of American popular culture.

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