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We've Suffered a Great Loss

Many, many people benefited from the work of Gerry Meister, none more than I

Stalking And Killing For Sport

Millions of Americans think it sporting to chase, maim and kill innocent animals.

Clint Wasn't Always Politically Inept

Once upon a time Clint Eastwood did have political smarts.

The Governor And The Condemned Man

It's fifty years now since worldwide attention was focused on the dramatic attempts to free a California convict, Caryl Chessman, from execution.

A Czech Miracle

It's a time for celebration in Prague - a time to recall the movement that ended Soviet rule in Eastern and Central Europe.

A Warm Day in Berlin

The Berlin Wall has been down for many years, but I and many others still remember it -- all too well.

Radio Noise That Mattered

Commercial radio responded in rare fashion to the devastating Northern California earthquake of 1989.

Hearst: Six Down, One To Go

Death seems imminent for the 144-year-old San Francisco Chronicle.

Less God-Talk, Please

Society's believers should quit pushing their religious views on non-believers.

If Asked, Don't Tell

It's time we began taking the right of the secret ballot seriously.

Pollsters & Pundits: "Complete Freakin' Imbeciles"

The media invariably claim it's someone else's fault when their pre-election predictions go wrong. Don't you believe it.

Worshiping Diana

The fawning worship of Princess Diana has intensified in this tenth year since her death.

A Howl for Literary Freedom

It's the anniversary of one of the most important events in free speech history.

It Takes Courage To Say "No" To God

Congressman Pete Stark is a very rare politician. He, by God, is an admitted atheist.

Dollars We Don't Need

Yes, another useless $1 coin is coming soon.

The Dangers of Absentee Voting

The rapid spread of absentee voting is raising serious threats of election fraud.

How I Helped Found the United Nations

I'm sure the UN could not have come into being without my help.

Deadeye Dick's Forgotten Victims

Although it's been several months since Vice President Cheney's infamous quail hunt, we've still not heard a single word of sympathy for his real victims.

John O'Connell Was in it for Us

Few politicians have done more to help ordinary people.

An End to Capital Punishment?

Thanks to two California doctors, the barbaric death penalty could finally be abolished.

Twenty-First Century Injustice

You need look no further than the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams to realize the futility - and barbarity - of capital punishment.

The New Cold Warriors

The shameless anti-communism of the 1950s has not disappeared.

Why Not Us?

When disaster struck, we were inexplicably spared.

He Practiced What Others Preach

Few reporters have been as skilled and dedicated as George Dusheck.

Prince Charles Belongs on a Bicycle

It's time for Britain's Royal Family to find another line of work.

A Pope, Yes. A Saint, No.

It's time for an honest and genuine assessment of Pope John Paul II.

No Child Left Unrecruited

The No Child Left Behind Act is being used to lure gullible high school students into military service.

Whose God Will It Be?

I'm still mad as hell at the fools who foisted another four years of George W. Bush on us.

Harmful, Undeserved Punishment

The punishment of many convicted felons continues even after they've left prison.

A Memento of War

Wartime revenge can lead to terrible abuse of the enemy, as I discovered very early in life.

He's Still On Our Side

Our sanctimonious vote-chasing politicians refuse to acknowledge that not all of us believe this to be a nation "under God."

Stay Tuned!

And who are the biggest election winners of all? The media, of course.

Money We Don't Need

Who needs a $1 coin? We've got plenty of real dollars.

The Lessons of Ward 12

I learned about the abuse of prison inmates a long time ago.

Lie Detectors Lie

So-called lie detectors are effective only in violating some of our most basic rights.

Time for Exit Polls to Exit

Exit polls benefit no one but the money-grubbing media.

George Bush, the Next Eliot Ness?

If gay marriages are made unconstitutional, President Bush could get to play the role of heroic crime fighter.

Bill Bradley's Shocking Past

Subversive is the only word to describe Bill Bradley, who actually refused to use his position as a star ahtlete to try to sell us stuff.

The Internet's Threat to Democracy

On-line voting would debase our electoral system.

Our President, A Mighty Hunter He

Count George W. Bush among those who kill animals for fun.

What About Freedom From Religion?

The Constitution is supposed to guarantee us freedom from religion as well as freedom of religion.

Too Crazy To Kill

The strange case of "Machine Gun" Walker, who went crazy while on Death Row.

No God But Lenin

The Soviet Union is gone, but Lenin remains.

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