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The First World Series Is Always The Best

San Franciscans are plenty excited about this year's World Series, but nowhere near as excited as the first time their Giants made it to the series.

The Temples Of Baseball

It's time to re-enter the temples of baseball.

Student Athletes Deserve Pay For Their Play

So-called student athletes should be paid for bringing billions of dollars to the nation's colleges and universities.

More Than A Game

Memories of the days when baseball was just about the only game in town.

Time To Hustle, Tiger

Hey, sports fans, Tiger Woods is cheating on you, too.

Baseball - More Than A Man's Game

Professional baseball is discriminating against women.

Barry Bonds' Grand Adventure

Baseball's Barry Bonds shoots and kills defenseless animals for fun and profit.

Skip Caray Talked to Us

The late broadcaster Skip Caray was a welcome visitor in millions of homes nationwide almost daily during baseball season.

The Impure Olympics

The Olympic Games are political and commercial as well as athletic events.

We've Lost America's Team

For 30 seasons baseball fans everywhere have been able to watch the Atlanta Braves almost daily - but no more.

Baah to Human Billboarding!

Two football coaches have struck a blow against human billboarding - the wearing by most of us of clothing with the manufacturers' names plastered on the outside.

Giants Vs. Yankees: Near-Hysteria

It took almost a half-century, but the San Francisco Giants finally beat the New York Yankees.

So Quit Stalling, Baseball

Major League Baseball has made yet another empty promise to speed up draggy games.

So What About Lefty?

Lefty O'Doul absolutely belongs in the baseball Hall of Fame.

In Baseball, Crime Sometimes Does Pay

So why all the fuss over illicit use of pine tar in this year's World Series? It's been done before - many times.

The Joy of Losing

The Atlanta Braves' plummet to the bottom of baseball's National League has been a trip back to the good old days.

The Best Baseball Season Ever

Major League Baseball is great, but you should have been there when I was playing in one of California's small-town leagues.

So What About Those Droopy Shorts, Mr. Commissioner?

What basketball really needs is an on-court dress code.

The Unfashionable Boys of Summer

The garish costumes worn these days by Major League Baseball players should offend all true believers in the National Pastime.

Heroes For Sale

Prominent athletes' money-grubbing is as insidious as their use of illegal steroids.

Banzai, Ichiro! Banzai, O'Doul!

If it hadn't been for Lefty O'Doul, who once held the Major League record he broke this year, Ichiro Suzsuki might not even have been able to play professional baseball.

The Best Billboards Money Could Buy

Olympic athletes are athletes for sale.

Joe Brightened Our Lives

Joe DiMaggio, warts and all, was a genuine American hero.

Visit a Grand Stadium of the Past

There's never been a baseball park quite like Seals Stadium.

A Red Bandana

Once it was Seals - not Giants - who drew excited baseball crowds in San Francisco.


Professional baseball turned out to be something less than the glamorous occupation I had dreamed of.

The Stars Took 20, Thank You

My date with Jayne Mansfield and other adventures of a young foreign- correspondent-in-waiting

Baseball's 'Feel-Good' Promotion

Coming soon to Major League ballparks: Human billboards.

A Menace At Least As Great As Steroids

Millions are facing serious illness - or death - because of a habit they share with one of every three Major League Baseball players.

A Neat White Square

It's not easy, preparing for a life in professional baseball.

Don't Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Imagine going to a baseball game simply to watch the game. How quaint.

'A Walled and Womanless Place'

In prison, baseball can sometimes be more than just balls and strikes.

True Believers

The mystical number of three and the other truths of baseball.

Just Say No to Homer Ball

There should be a lot more to baseball than the bashing of home runs by steroid-pumped sluggers -- and there may yet be.

Spike and Joe

Spike Hennessey was one of the greatest baseball scouts ever, the man who discovered Joe DiMaggio and many other stars.

Steroids Ain't All

Professional baseball is not a game of the pure at heart.

The Best Baseball That Ever Wasn't

There rarely have been baseball games more exciting than those described by the creative and imaginative radio announcers of yesterday.

Hey, Ballplayers, Your Pants Are Dragging

Why are baseball players prancing around in what look like pajama bottoms?

The Gorgeous Cycle of the Arcs

Night baseball once was considered by players and team owners alike to be a "thoroughly artificial and intensely repugnant concoction."

Our First National Pastime

Baseball's great, but don't forget cricket.

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