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"The Departed": Yet Another Outrageously Overrated Movie
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That director Martin Scorsese's "The Departed" is considered a great film, if not a masterpiece, by apparently most of the critics and movie goers who have seen it is perhaps the surest sign yet of the deplorable state of today's Hollywood film scene.

Hey, how daring -- the "F" word is used what must be a record number of times, and that's saying something, considering how many times it's thrown around in so many other current films. And the film also manages to show even more violence than the other violence-drenched films that have become typical of Hollywood. I mean, wow! Just about every time you turn around someone is getting shot to death, with blood spurting everywhere lout of their heads and most excitingly out of one character's mouth. What a thrill!

Oh, there is one exception. One character is tossed off a tall building, rather than shot, and his blood only splatters as he hits the ground. (And what a coincidence that he lands at the very feet of one of the main characters!)

Although confusing and greatly overshadowed by the violent words and actions, the film's plot is clever -- except for one rather important point: It's resolved by the amateurish device of killing off damn near everybody.

Martin Scorsese, of course, has directed some excellent films. I think, for instance, of the original "Cape Fear," starring Robert Mitchum. But he also has been directing violent, vulgar films like "The Departed" for many years, and drawing high praise for it. Consider the great reputation of , his "Raging Bull" of 1980. __

But I must say that if you get your kicks from juvenile video games in which lots of people shoot and kill lots of other people, complete with bang, bang! sound effects and lots of bright red blood, you'll love "The Departed." __

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